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I am Phil Sumpter owner of PG Olive Oil, just a bit of background as to where PG Olive Oil came from. 

In 2013 I started a Courier Company Parcelgiants Ltd. Having ran this business for over 5 years without a break a colleague of mine suggested I needed a holiday and booked me into The Hotel Petros in Zante for a week. 

Whilst on the island I met a few people and struck up a business relationship with a company based on the island selling their Olive Oil in UK.

This has since gone full circle I am now marketing my own brand of Oil. Koutsis Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, dark green in colour with a pungent, fruity and nutty flavour, the oil is extracted from the olives using a cold pressed mechanical process without the use of heat or chemicals -only the highest grades, Extra Virgin and Virgin olive oil are produced using this method.

Now New to PG Olive Oil and an Exclusive to the UK, 7 Islands Petromilos Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Infused and flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil. www.7islands.com.gr


The Soap

Having lived from birth with Eczema, buying and using soap had always been a problem, you would get used to a soap, the manufacturer would change the ingredients causing a skin eruption and would be back to square one again

Having started buying Olive Oil based soap, this became a no brainer, I should try making my own soap.

In January 2020 before the lockdown started,  I tried various recipes and fragrances, my first batch of Soap comes out of the mould Thyme fragranced – 12 bars of varying sizes and weights.

All the soaps we produce have the same basic recipe, Koutsis Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Caster Oil, Water, Lye and fragrance (an essential oil)

What are the benefits of having Olive Oil in your diet?

Why not discover the benefits of Olive Oil yourself?

Explore our fantastic range of organic soaps and olive oils today.
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