Subscription Koutsis Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1Lit

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Our oil is our present, past and future. It is connected to our religion and and a true indication of our culture. It’s use in our diets has been around for many of hundreds of years.

We collect our olives during the winter months from mid October to mid April when the harvest season has been a good one. It is not an easy task, it’s very laborious and takes a lot of effort from all helping. Weather conditions play a huge role to allow us to pick quickly. Rain can delay and halt the whole process for us.

Olive harvesting in Crete is the main agricultural product and it’s been around for hundreds of years and for over 8500 families, farming is their only source of income.

All our oil is harvested from our groves within 12 hours of collection and taken to our local olive press factory to be cold pressed. It is unfiltered, unrefined 100% virgin olive oil. Nothing is mixed into it but just pure olive oil which is pungent, fruity and nutty in flavour. The dark green colour and robust flavour make it very desirable in Greece and across the World

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