Infused Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Petromilos Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Multi Award winning

Petromilos Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Garlic

Try our especially infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a change of taste,

a change of pace, safe in the knowledge that, unlike some others,

it will still be the same pure 100% Petromilos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Infused oils consist of

Garlic, Chilli, Basil, Salad, Mediterranean Herbs, all in a 250ml bottle

White Truffle & Black Truffle both come in a 100ml bottle

A little more about Truffles

Truffles are grown all over Europe primarily in France and Italy and also more recently in the mountainous regions of Greece

they are a fungi grown wholly underground and are harvested using specially trained dogs with long noses like the Labrador, Griffon, Epagneul Breton, English Pointer and the Italian Lagotto breed that can smell the strong aroma of the mature  highly prized fungi as well as Female wild pigs are also used to hunt Truffle, there are primarily 2 types of Truffle White (Tuber mangnatum) and Black (Tuber melanosporum)

Searching for and collecting truffles in Greece is basically much like a sport in many ways. Truffle hunting is a great leisure activity, a hobby that can give one a nice extra income.

Some of the Greek Olives can fetch in excess of 3000 euros a kilo


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