Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil FAQs

  • Which olive oil is best for cooking?
    All Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for cooking, no additives are needed, Olive oil has the highest flashpoint of the most popular Oils used for cooking at 210 degrees.
  • How is olive oil made?
    The Olives are harvested between October to January, It's pressed to make a paste using mechanical means without the addition of Hot Water, Chemicals or heat then pressed to extract the oil, a lot of the waste from pressing the oil is used as animal feed.
  • What is the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil?
    The differences between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Virgin Olive Oil is subtle but many. Besides variations in production methods, you can also see a difference in colour, clearness, nutritional value and probably most importantly flavour.
  • Why olive oil is good for you?
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very good for you it helps to reduce Cholesterol
    • Helps to lower blood pressure
    • It contains a natural form of Ibruprofen and is made up of over 70% oleic acid which is the main predominant fatty acid and antioxidants oleacein and oleocanthal, which appear to significantly reduce inflammation
  • When does olive oil go bad?
    Olive oil starts to degrade as soon as you open the bottle or tin, it is best stored in a dark cool place. It is best to consume the oil within 6 months after opening and ideally within 2 years of harvest. None of our oil is blended it all originates in Greece either on the mainland or one of the islands.

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