How are olives processed?

Olives are picked either by hand or mechanical means, they surround the bottom of the tree with a large net in the shape of an umbrella and the tree is shaken and the olives are caught in the net avoiding bruising from landing on the ground, they are cleaned and sorted and pitted as well as left with a pit, they are then soaked in water for a few days and the water changed a few times this needs to be done as the olives at this stage are very bitter, after 2 to 3 weeks of rinsing they can be brined in a solution of sea salt and water 10:1 ration salt to water, store for a further 6 months, somewhere dark, rinse off the salt water and at this stage they can be eaten, stuffed, lemon slices added or further stored in Olive Oil or re brined and consumed up to 2 years later.

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